Don't Let Unsightly Trees Ruin Your Home's Curb Appeal

Schedule tree trimming services in Brainard, David City, Wahoo, NE and surrounding areas

Just like your flowers or your grass, your trees need regular attention to stay healthy and beautiful. Trimming your trees will make them look neater and prevent the spread of tree disease. If you need tree trimming services, turn to Z and B Tree Service LLC in Brainard, David City, Wahoo, NE and surrounding areas. We have the skills and knowledge needed to trim your trees properly.

If you see dead branches on your trees, you need to get tree trimming services right away. Otherwise, they could fall and injure someone. Call 402-770-0886 now to make an appointment with an arborist.

tree trimming brainard and wahoo ne

What else can we do for you?

Rely on Z and B Tree Service LLC for all of your tree care needs. In addition to tree trimming services, we offer:

  • Tree pruning services. While tree trimming is focused on removing dead branches and preventing tree disease, tree pruning is focused on promoting symmetrical tree growth.
  • Crown reduction services. Thinning out the branches in your tree’s crown will allow lower branches to get more sunlight exposure.
  • Tree planting services. If you want more trees on your property, we can plant them and teach you how to take care of them.



Your arborist can recommend the best services for your property. Email us today to ask questions about our tree planting, crown reduction and tree pruning services.