Remove Unwanted Trees Safely

Arrange for tree removal services in Brainard, David City, Wahoo, NE and surrounding areas

Do you have a tree on your property that blocks a great view? Has one of your trees reached the end of its life span? Get rid of unwanted, diseased or dying trees easily with the help of Z and B Tree Service LLC. Residents in Brainard, David City, Wahoo, NE and surrounding areas turn to us for tree removal services. We can remove any tree, big or small. We can also remove waterlogged trees.

Tree removal is more complicated than it seems, especially if the tree is already at risk of falling over. If you need dangerous tree removal, get professional help. Call 402-770-0886 now to schedule dangerous tree removal services.

tree removal brainard and wahoo ne

3 signs that you need tree removal services

If your tree falls, it could damage your home or injure somebody. That’s why you should get tree removal services right away if:

  • Your tree is leaning to one side
  • You notice holes in the tree’s trunk
  • You see mushrooms growing near the base of the tree



We also offer stump grinding services. Once we remove your tree, we’ll use powerful stump grinding equipment to turn the trunk into wood shavings. You can use these shavings as mulch.

If you need tree removal services, reach out to our team today.