Who Offers Tree Health Diagnostics in Brainard, David City, Wahoo, NE and surrounding areas?

Our team can figure out what's wrong with your trees

If your tree is diseased, you may not have to remove it. A qualified tree surgeon may be able to create a treatment plan that saves your tree. Z and B Tree Service LLC performs tree health diagnostics for clients in Brainard, David City, NE and surrounding areas. You can trust us to diagnose your tree and suggest an effective treatment.

We use a state-of-the-art tree injection system from Arborjet, which allows us to inject treatments directly into diseased trees. This prevents the chemicals from getting onto your lawn, keeping your kids and pets safer.

For more information about tree health diagnostics, call 402-770-0886 now.

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What causes tree disease?

There isn’t just one reason why trees become diseased. Some common causes of tree disease include:

  • Cankers—These are open cuts or wounds that can get infected by bacterial or fungal pathogens.
  • Poor soil drainage—Waterlogged soil can starve tree roots of oxygen and cause root rot.
  • Insects—Some bugs can transmit bacterial infections to blossoming trees.

Your tree surgeon will create a custom treatment plan for your tree. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.